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Prenatal Yoga Class

Pre-Natal Yoga & Pilates

Supporting your journey

Pre-Natal Yoga and Pilates, group and private sessions available.

Using a mix of vinyasa and restorative Yoga along with classical mat Pilates, this class work to help prepare the body and mind for a safe and strong journey into motherhood.

These run in 6 week blocks 

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Post-Natal Yoga & Pilates

Supporting your journey all the way

Post-Natal Yoga and Pilates classes, Mums and Bubs and private sessions available.

Join other new mums on a collective and safe journey back to fitness. This class works to strengthen overstretch muscles and release tension following birth. You can practice by yourself and with your bub.

Suitable 6 weeks post-partum (3 months if via caesarean)

Held in 6 week blocks 

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